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Selected Issues in Equity Compensation

A Layperson’s Glossary of Employee Stock Option Terminology. Equity compensation has a language all its own. This glossary, compiled by Clayton Foster, defines the most commonly used terms for the layperson.

As with any specialized field, the world of employee stock options has its own vernacular. Stock options and related plans are governed, as well as influenced, by a wide array of laws, regulations, rules, and standards, including tax laws and concepts, securities laws, and accounting principles. The NCEO book , includes this glossary of plain language words and phrases.

First published by the NCEO in Selected Issues in Equity Compensation (2005, updated annually).

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The Stock Options Book


The 17th Edition of Clayton Foster’s seminal text The Stock Options Book, now available from the National Center for Employee Ownership, is a complete update for 2016. The newest edition includes up-to-date analyses of the Section 409A deferred compensation rules, a summary of the evolving executive compensation compliance rules and a complete chapter on current litigation trends in equity compensation (through 2012). Intended for all levels of equity professionals, from stock administrators through compensation lawyers, the book features material on “hot” issues such as option backdating and equity planning trends, along with the basic tax, securities, corporate and accounting rules. Its 400+ pages include illustrations, a glossary, a bibliography and other source materials. 17th Edition co-authored by Pamela Chernoff and Alison Wright.


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